Internship at the Airport

Can’t wait for Feb 2!
Dreams do come true.. Thank you lord for this once in a life time opportunity. ☝
Di ko talaga expect kasi I enrolled for a Culinary class and this is only applicable for Hospitality students pero Mr. H (my teacher) allowed me to pass an application for the internship 😊 and eto pa selected schools lang ang allowed to participate sa program yung Garden City Collegiate kung saan talaga ako nakaenroll eh hindi included 😦 pero yung Maples Collegiate (where im taking my vocational course) kasali 😁
Well if its meant to be talaga It will always find a way! ☝ God is good

So after submitting my application online agad nagemail saken and pinapapunta na ko sa airport for an interview 😸 MY FIRST EVER INTERVIEW. 😥 success!
Why do you want to join Silwerwing?
Coz eversince I was a child it was my dream to work in the airport 👶 ganoin!

And ayon na nga binigay na mga information kung kailan magstastart anong dapat gawin anong isusuot 🙌

Don ko narealize na andaming requirements pala if you’re working sa airport kukunan ka ng fingerprints tapos kailangan mo ng blue pass and you need to take a  Security Awareness program pag failed ka wala na..




What is a Silverwing ambassador?

The Silverwings assist the public by answering airport directional questions, providing flight information and giving information about area attractions and events. They also participate in airport special events.

Are you being paid?
Nope but we have lots of perks 😀😍

Proud Moment 🙌 CASAP ✔


Don’t let anything stop you including yourself from doing what you really wanna do. Just jump out of your comfort zone and do it.